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By Lucia on 10/02/15 | Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Brake dust - Could it be destroying your Alloy Wheels?

When you've invested a lot of money in a set of gleaming alloy wheels, you'll want to keep them looking their best. But there is one common enemy of the alloy wheel that you may not be aware of and which could cause permanent unsightly damage.

Brake dust is a substance that is constantly in contact with the wheels of your vehicle. As the brakes and brake pads rub together when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, friction is caused and brake dust is created. The resulting dust is deposited on any nearby surfaces, including your alloy wheels, tyres and the underside of your vehicle.

Alloy Wheels and Brake Dust

Why is brake dust so damaging? What's in it?

Brake dust consists of a combination of different materials - metal filings, carbon fibres and adhesive residues. None of these materials are very good for your alloy wheels and as a result, brake dust needs to be removed often in order to prevent damage. The adhesive compounds in brake dust are one of the most damaging and could cause galvanic corrosion if they are left to set in. This corrosion not only causes your rims to look unsightly, but could also affect the structural integrity of your alloy wheels.

Good news! You can stop this damage in its tracks

There are many ways that you can control brake dust and stop it from affecting the appearance and durability of your rims.

Some advice from our alloy wheel specialists:

  • Retrofit low dust brake pads - kevlar-based and high metal content compounds can be very effective.
  • Fit dust shields- this is quite self explanatory, but dust shields will sit between the ril and the wheel hub to protect your rims from any stray dust.
  • Establish a good wheel care routine - to keep your rims looking their absolute best, wash them weekly and consider applying wheel sealant every quarter.

Why it's crucial to give your wheels extra attention in the winter

Regular washing of your wheels will ensure they stay looking and performing their best, and it's especially important to pay special attention to your wheels during the winter months. It might seem pointless to wash your wheels in the winter when they are being lashed by rain and even snow, but believe us, it's one of the critical times to do so.

Cleaning your alloys in winter will rid them of dust, dirt and road salt - this can also be very damaging. In fact, road salt can cause etching and permanent damage if left to settle on your wheels so taking extra care now will ensure your rims are in perfect condition for all of that summer cruising coming up.

Need more advice? Get in touch with our alloy experts

At Dentfix, we have years of experience when it comes to alloy wheel care. Whether you are looking for alloy wheel repairs or you want some advice on how to keep yours gleaming, get in touch with our team.