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By Lucia on 05/02/15 | Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Things to know before buying those new rims

You might not 'need' those alloy wheels, but you most definitely 'want' them. Alloy wheels are popular because of their aesthetic properties - they look good! But before you start splashing out on those shiny rims, ready our handy guide on how to choose the right ones for your vehicle and your budget.

choosing the right alloys

Yes, size does matter!

When it comes to choosing the right alloy wheels, size is important. In fact, it all comes down to two factors - size and width. You might see "pimp my ride' vehicles rolling down the road on 22s, but these might be totally unsuitable for your particular vehicle. The most popular alloy wheel sizes in the UK today are 15" and 17" and the good news is that these sizes are suitable for most makes and models of vehicle.

Ensuring the right fit - Knowing your PCD from your offset

When it comes to getting the right fit, you're going to need to know all about PCD (that's Pitch Circle Diameter) and Offset.

Here's a rough guide to those two terms:

  • PCD is the measurement of the stud pattern of the wheel - one example of PCD is 4x100. This tells us that there are 4 holes set in the wheel and that these holes are distanced 100mm apart. The wheel's offset is the measurement of an imaginary centre line to the mounting face of the wheel.
  • This measurement is commonly shown as "ET". Most modern cars today will have what is known as positive offset. Some 4x4 vehicles and some older models may have a negative offset. One thing to note is that if your offset is too great, it could affect the wear of your drivetrain and suspension components.

Styling those wheels out

Of course, the most popular reason why people invest in rims is that they look good! If you are looking to enhance the look of your vehicle, alloy wheels are a great choice. Silver and black are the most popular and you'llusually have a choice of a gloss, matte or polished finish. There are also many spoke patterns to choose from and which you choose will be a matter of personal taste.

If you choose a polished finish, we recommend that you wash these rims once a week using a soft cloth or sponge and a little washing up liquid and water. Chemical wheel cleaners can often be a little too harsh and could cause corrosion, damaging your wheels in the process.

Invest in good alloys without blowing your budget

Cost is usually an important factor when investing in alloy wheels. The good news is that many brands in the UK offer excellent value for money. Take a look at Calibre and DRC if you are on a budget. If you can afford to splash out a bit more, Dezent and AEZ are more expensive, but offer extra features such as Nanotec finish technology and an extended warranty.

Need more advice? We'd be delighted to help

At Dentfix, you can expect nothing but the best service and support when it comes to buying and caring for new or replacement alloy wheels. Call Free on 0800 0188899 to find out more about aftercare and how we can help you keep your wheels in tip top condition.