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By Lucia on 01/02/15 | Car Care Tips

How to prevent that prang happening again

Okay, so you've had a minor road accident and you're now licking your wounds and adding up the damage caused to your vehicle. Whether your bumper is dented or your rear wing crumpled, it's essential that you get your bodywork repaired as soon as possible. This will ensure that the safety of your vehicle is not compromised, that your car looks its best and that you maintain its resale value.

Even a small prang can cause damage to your vehicle. The good news is that Dentfix offers a range of repair services, including dent removal, car scratch repair, bumper repairs and alloy wheel repairs. If your vehicle has sustained damage in these areas, we would be delighted to help.

But how do you prevent that accident from occurring again? We've put some tips together to help you stay safe on the road and keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

how to prevent that prang

Keep your distance

It seems like common sense, but many of us are guilty for forgetting our stopping distances and getting just a little too close for comfort to the vehicle in front. Never trust the driver in front - you never know what they are going to do and how quickly you will need to react.

Remember from your driving lesson days the phrase "only a fool breaks the 2 second rule? Well, this is good advice and a rule that is easy to remember. Always aim to keep a 2 second distance between you and other vehicles around you.

More haste, less speed

Most road accidents occur when there is heavy traffic and in built up areas. Taking your time and driving around sensibly is a good way to avoid being caught up in a collision. In heavy traffic you're not going to get anywhere fast, even if you cut in and out of the traffic - there is always going to be another queue further ahead, or a red light to slow you down. Take your time and try not to endanger yourself or others by being impatient.

Think FLOWER - Yes, we did say Flower!

No, we haven't started hugging trees. The mnemonic FLOWER is actually a great way to keep your vehicle in great condition and avoid a hazardous situation.

Fuel - keep your tank topped up

Lights - check your lights on a regular basis and ensure you can be seen

Oil - always keep your oil topped up

Water - remember to top up your water and screenwash

Electrics - make regular checks of your battery, electric windows, wiper blades, heater fan and horn

Rubber - check the wear and pressure of your tyres regularly

We're here to help if it happens again

Accidents do happen, and they can be hard to prevent sometimes. The good news is that Dentfix is here to help. We offer a range of bodywork repairs that will ensure your vehicle is restored to perfect condition for a great price.