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By Lucia Chatto on 10/12/14 | Bumper repair

Improve your vehicle's appearance and resale value with our Bumper Repair service

Bumpers are designed to absorb the impact during a collision, and here at Dentfix, we repair a lot of bumper damage for our customers. Take a look at the bumpers on your vehicle and you'll probably find that there are areas that require restoration, even if you have never been in a collision. Scratches and dents are very common and can result in these areas looking unsightly.

Bumper Repair - Before and after

Bumper Repair - Before & After

The good news is that our bumper restoration service will have your bumpers looking as good as new in no time. Even better, we come out to you. Our fully mobile  repair service means you can have your bumpers repaired from the comfort of your home or workplace.

On some vehicles, bumper damage could lead to areas developing rust and a replacement bumper being the only solution to the problem. Bumpers can be very expensive and on older models, may be hard to source. Dentfix are here to save you this expense and give you peace of mind that your vehicle will remain rust free.

Repair, don't replace - Our service saves you time and money

In most cases, bumpers can be repaired without the need to replace any parts. Using the latest industry techniques and colour matching technology, we work on the areas that need restoration and ensure a perfect finish every time. Whether your bumper is textured or painted, we can match the colour exactly, leaving no evidence of repairs.

If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, our repair service will not only improve its overall appearance, but could also increase its resale value.

Repairs carried out at home or work

Our mobile bumper repair service saves you the time and inconvenience of taking your vehicle to a car bodyshop for repairs. We know you have better things to do with your time, so why not make an appointment with our repair experts? We can carry out all repairs in a few hours in most cases, leaving your bumpers in pristine condition.

Whether your car bumper is textured or painted, bumper repair is a great option for restoring any damaged areas and ensuring the highest quality finish. Need car body repairs carried out? We can also repair any scratches or dents that your vehicle has sustained. And because we only focus our attention on the areas that need restoration. bumper repairs carried out by Dentfix can be extremely cost effective.

Bumper Repair

Contact our experts today for mobile repairs you can trust

There are many reasons to come to Dentfix for your repairs. We offer a completely mobile service, repairs of the highest standard and cost effective prices that we are sure you will be delighted with.

Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today to arrange a repair visit at a time to suit you and at a price you can afford.


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