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By Lucia on 22/04/15 | Car Care Tips

With the new year in full swing, you may already have found some ways to make your money go further, but have you thought about the money you could save on running your car and car maintenance in general?

Here are some tips from our team on how to get the most out of your vehicle whilst still keeping an eye on your budget.

Money Saving Tips

1 Plan ahead when it comes to filling up the tank

Don't fill your tank at the last moment. You could be spending more than you need to on petrol. Plan ahead so that you can take advantage of the cheapest fuel in your area, or along any route you have planned. Fuel is relatively cheap right now and there are many mobile apps and websites that will give you the rundown of the cheapest places to buy petrol.

2 Compare the insurance markets

When it comes to buying car insurance, it really does pay to take your time, and as the advert says "compare the market". In doing so, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds compared to last year's quote.

3 The cheaper tyres could cost you more in the long run

If you need to change your tyres, it isn't always the best decision to choose the cheapest. Cheaper tyres could wear out quicker and could also prove dangerous if you chose part worn tyres that do not meet legal requirements.

4 It's often cheaper to arrange your minor damage repairs without involving your insurance company

If you have noticed minor damage such as scratches or minor dents on your vehicle, it is often cheaper to give Dentfix a call before involving your insurance company. Our repairs are often cheaper than your excess and we would be delighted to provide you with a cost effective quote.

5 Arrange regular servicing of your vehicle

Sometimes in life, you need to spend money to save money, and servicing your vehicle is one of the best ways you can do this. Regular servicing will help to keep your vehicle running economically and safely, and will also help to protect the value of your vehicle. A full service history is often the one thing that potential buyers will be looking for when considering your vehicle over another similar model.

We hope that these tips are useful, and we are always on hand to give you advice on car body repairs and dent repairs.

To find out more about dent and body repairs, speak to the experts here at Dentfix. We offer trustworthy service, professional advice and honest prices. Call Dentfix now on 0800 0188899.

By Lucia on 20/04/15 | Car Care Tips

It may seem like yesterday that you were last carrying out seasonal vehicle maintenance, but with spring finally on the horizon, it's time to check over your vehicle and prepare it for those long summer drives ahead.

Preparing your car for spring 

The winter can be harsh on any vehicle. Here are a number of things you can do to prepare your vehicle for spring and ensure it gives you the best performance when you need it the most.

1. Check Your Wheels Are Properly Aligned

If your wheels are not properly aligned, you could find that your vehicle doesn't handle the road as it should. Not only can this be dangerous, but it could mean your tyres wear out prematurely. If you have noticed that your vehicle is pulling to one side or struggling to drive straight, you may need to consider having your wheels aligned at your local garage.

2. Make Sure Your Tyre Tread Is Sufficient

Checking your tyres may be something you only remember to do before you set off on a long journey, but this task needs to be a regular fixture on your car maintenance schedule. Tyre tread can wear down fairly quickly and it is important to carry out these checks several times a year. Spring is the perfect time to do this, and you will also find that many tyre dealers have some great offers on at this time of the year.

3. Give Your Fluids A Top Up

n order to run properly, a vehicle needs to have its fluids topped up on a regular basis. This means topping up your oil, brake fluid and water. You might also need to top up your antifreeze as UK weather can be quite unpredictable during the transition from winter to spring. We may still get a heavy frost, even in April and May!

4. Check Your Battery Has Plenty Of Life Left

If you want your battery to see you through many months of summer driving and beyond, it is essential that it is performing at its best. The winter weather can be harsh on your battery and can cause performance to deteriorate without you realising. If your battery is four years old or more, it could be time to arrange a replacement.

5. Arrange For Minor Car Body Repairs

Here at Dentfix, we are the experts in dent repairs, and we advise all of our customers to arrange for minor scratches and scuffs to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the onset of corrosion. Take the time this spring to check over your vehicle and to arrange high quality repairs with your local car body repairs team.

At Dentfix, we offer the very best in car body repairs and dent repairs all year round, whatever the weather. Call Dentfix now on 0800 0188899 to find out more about our services and for a cost effective quote.

By Lucia on 18/04/15 | Car Care Tips

Do you need to arrange for dent repairs, or any other type or car repair? Before you do, it might help to know more about the process. Here you can find out more about some of the common misconceptions of car repairs - things that could save you time and money over the years.

5 things to know about your car 

1: You always have to use your main dealer for maintenance and repairs to keep your warranty valid

This is a common misconception. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), it is illegal for a main dealer to invalidate your warranty because you chose to use somebody else for repairs or maintenance. You can carry out repairs yourself, or take your vehicle to a retail chain or independent company like Dentfix without affecting your warranty. However, there may be some incidents where a repair may invalidate your warranty. For example, if a mechanic from another company causes damage to your engine, your main dealer may refuse to repair the damage.

2: Cars are too complicated to service yourself

It is true that cars have become more and more complex over the years. Sensors and computers, servicing lights and fixed engine covers have made it harder for car owners to carry out repairs themselves, but it is certainly not impossible. If you grab the right manual and have the patience to understand the intricacies of your engine bay, you could save yourself a fair bit of money.

3: You cannot ignore that chip in your windscreen

If you notice any chip in your windscreen, it's important to get it repaired as quickly as possible. A chip can become a crack before you know it, and this will usually result in you needing a new windscreen. Most insurance companies will waive the cost of a small repair so that it doesn't affect your no claims bonus. Chip repairs are quick, relatively cheap and could save you a lot of money in the long run.

4: Your car manufacturer says that you need to perform regular maintenance to ensure your vehicle lasts longer

Cars are lasting longer. That is true, and they also require less maintenance than they did years ago. However, there are some areas of car repair that do need to be taken care of. Cutting back on servicing, oil changes or replacing cambelts could be costly, especially if it results in your entire engine requiring replacement. Always check the repair schedule in your owner's manual to see what your manufacturer recommends for your vehicle.

5: You can get an accurate repair quote over the phone

You can get some great deals by shopping around on your mobile phone, but it may be difficult for a garage to give you an accurate quote on car repairs without seeing and inspecting the damage first. Be very wary of a repairs centre or garage that gives you a final quote before inspecting your vehicle.

To find out more about dent and body repairs, speak to the experts here at Dentfix. We offer trustworthy service, professional advice and honest prices. Call Dentfix now on 0800 0188899.

By Lucia on 01/02/15 | Car Care Tips

How to prevent that prang happening again

Okay, so you've had a minor road accident and you're now licking your wounds and adding up the damage caused to your vehicle. Whether your bumper is dented or your rear wing crumpled, it's essential that you get your bodywork repaired as soon as possible. This will ensure that the safety of your vehicle is not compromised, that your car looks its best and that you maintain its resale value.

Even a small prang can cause damage to your vehicle. The good news is that Dentfix offers a range of repair services, including dent removal, car scratch repair, bumper repairs and alloy wheel repairs. If your vehicle has sustained damage in these areas, we would be delighted to help.

But how do you prevent that accident from occurring again? We've put some tips together to help you stay safe on the road and keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

how to prevent that prang

Keep your distance

It seems like common sense, but many of us are guilty for forgetting our stopping distances and getting just a little too close for comfort to the vehicle in front. Never trust the driver in front - you never know what they are going to do and how quickly you will need to react.

Remember from your driving lesson days the phrase "only a fool breaks the 2 second rule? Well, this is good advice and a rule that is easy to remember. Always aim to keep a 2 second distance between you and other vehicles around you.

More haste, less speed

Most road accidents occur when there is heavy traffic and in built up areas. Taking your time and driving around sensibly is a good way to avoid being caught up in a collision. In heavy traffic you're not going to get anywhere fast, even if you cut in and out of the traffic - there is always going to be another queue further ahead, or a red light to slow you down. Take your time and try not to endanger yourself or others by being impatient.

Think FLOWER - Yes, we did say Flower!

No, we haven't started hugging trees. The mnemonic FLOWER is actually a great way to keep your vehicle in great condition and avoid a hazardous situation.

Fuel - keep your tank topped up

Lights - check your lights on a regular basis and ensure you can be seen

Oil - always keep your oil topped up

Water - remember to top up your water and screenwash

Electrics - make regular checks of your battery, electric windows, wiper blades, heater fan and horn

Rubber - check the wear and pressure of your tyres regularly

We're here to help if it happens again

Accidents do happen, and they can be hard to prevent sometimes. The good news is that Dentfix is here to help. We offer a range of bodywork repairs that will ensure your vehicle is restored to perfect condition for a great price.

By Lucia Chatto on 14/12/14 | Car Care Tips

Top Car Care Tips from our experts - Give your car a little love this weekend

Whilst the mechanical condition of your vehicle is important, you should also pay attention to keeping your car cosmetically sound and looking its best. In doing so, you not only ensure your car is maintained to the highest standard, but that it retains maximum resale value too.

There are many ways you can look after the bodywork on your car and we asked our team of professional technicians to give their top tips for ensuring your vehicle stays in immaculate condition.

Car Care Tips
  1. To keep your vehicle looking great, try to give the bodywork a wipe over with cold water every day. This might sound like a chore, but it's a great way to prevent the buildup of stubborn and hard to shift road grime and dust.
  2. When washing your car, don't forget those easy to miss areas such as your alloys and the inside of your wheel arches. Give bumpers a good wipe over too, and pay attention to inside your wheel arches.
  3. Even though most modern vehicles have a clear coat over the base colour paint, we still recommend polishing your paintwork at least every four months. Your paintwork will also be better protected with a coating of wax, so choose a good quality one for maximum protection. We would be happy to recommend one to you.
  4. Pay attention to any rust spots. Once rust takes hold, it will usually mean a replacement of the bumper or affected panel is necessary. The good news is that we can often take care of any dents, scratches or other areas of cosmetic damage to prevent the onset of rust.
  5. When driving, keep your distance from the car in front of you. Of course, this is important from a safety point of view, but it could also prevent stone chips hitting your vehicle and causing damage to your bodywork.
  6. Pay particular attention to your alloys during the winter months as road salt can start to cause corrosion. Also, take care of any scuffs or paintwork scratches before the elements have a chance to cause rust spots.
  7. When you wash your vehicle, be careful that you are not rubbing dirt and other particles into the paintwork. This can cause hairline scratches that may not be noticeable at first, but which could get worse and which could make your paintwork look less than perfect.

Need more advice? Looking to book car bodywork repairs?

At Dentfix, we are always delighted to give our customers the benefit of our experience and knowledge. Whether you have dents, cracks or scuffs in your car's bodywork, you need interior repairs or your alloy wheels need repairs, we can help.

Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today to find out more about our services and the many ways we can help to restore your vehicle back to pristine condition. We would be delighted to tell you more and to arrange for our mobile repairs team to come to you.


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